chinch bug

chinch bug
small black-and-white insect that feeds on cereal grasses
Hypernyms: ↑lygaeid, ↑lygaeid bug
Member Holonyms: ↑Blissus, ↑genus Blissus

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noun also chinch \\ˈchinch\; or chintz \\-n(t)s\ (-es)
Etymology: Spanish chinche, from Latin cimic-, cimex; akin to Lithuanian šemas blue-gray, Sanskrit śyāma black, dark, Old English hār gray, old — more at hoar
1. : a small bug (Blissus leucopterus) of the family Lygaeidae that is black and white in color when adult and very destructive to grass, wheat, corn, and other grains especially in the central United States during dry seasons
2. chinch or sometimes chintz : bedbug

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a small lygaeid bug, Blissus leucopterus, that feeds on corn, wheat, and other grains.
[1775-85, Amer.]

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chinch bug noun
A heteropterous insect (Blissus leucopterus), a serious pest of cereal crops in the USA
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Main Entry:chinch

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chinch bug,
a small, usually black-and-white bug that does much damage to wheat, corn, grass, and other cereal plants in dry weather.

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